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Safety is paramount within the company and in activities we engage in on behalf of our clients and while the works we engage in are generally more dangerous that general construction every effort is made to mitigate these risks by planning, training and monitoring Barnmore Demolition & Civil Engineering Ltd recognise their responsibility for the safety , health and welfare of all employees and individuals who may be at risk due to work being carried out. Our approach to subcontractors/individuals is to promotes a positive health and safety culture whilst establishing clear expectations, and responsibilities. 


We are committed to and provide resources for the implementation of our safety management system, which has been produced in accordance with the provisions of all relevant acts and regulations. It is “ A “ rated Safe-T-Cert accredited and sets the standards and procedures implemented across our sites.


As part of this, we provide ongoing training for both our management team and general operatives. Our projects are audited on a regular basis by both our own Health & Safety  advisors and by external auditors to ensure standards are being maintained.

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