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Barnmore takes pride in all work, big or small.

Mechanical Demolition

Engineering, planning, precision, professionalism and safety are the fundamental key stones of the Barnmore Demolition & Civil.Engineering (BDCE) approach.Our experienced  team have undertaken and successfully completed many complex and restricted city centre work down projects (some in excess of 12 storeys over basement) to the highest standards.

For demolition of low rise buildings Barnmore Demolition come fully equipped with a large range of excavators ranging in size from 20 – 45 Tonnes . In addition to demolishing stand alone buildings these excavators assist high reach machinery over the course of high rise   demolitions but take over from both high reach and work down operations once the building is sufficiently reduced in height. All machines  are equipped with a range of attachment from munchers , rock breakers, shears and selector grabs to get the job completed quickly and safely.

Workdown / Robotic

 Our in-house suite of remote controlled Brokks allows us to carry out potentially dangerous demolition tasks in a safe and controlled manner.The compact size and power of the BDCE demolition Brokks allows the toughest tasks to be completed safely and productively, whilst providing the client with value for money.




Soft strip

 At BDCE we know the striping of the internal envelope can be a large  and complicated undertaking”. With our extensive experience in soft striping, hazardous material removal and asset recovery, we provide the one stop shop for all your needs. Our experience ranges from multi storey office strip outs and  factories up to  100,000m2  down to individual residential properties.Our experienced team can  complete any project on Time, budget and to the highest industry standards.

At BDCE we have completed a vast array of highly technical soft strip projects, at all times using in-house techniques to the highest LEED and BREEAM standards. 

Our range of plant, skips and equipment allows all our projects to be self-sufficient, and provide our clients with the care and attention required. 

Structural Alterations

As a solution based company, BDCE provide clients will a specialist engineering support service. Our in-house professional demolition engineers and technical partners enable us to carry out even the most complex of structural projects.

Our extensive experience in complex demolition, temporary works, utilising environmental controls in the most restrictive environments, allows BDCE to provide our clients with a professional Tier 1 structural alteration contractor service. 

Providing 3D modelling, temporary works design to the highest standard of RAMS  and innovative solutions, BDCE can support all your needs.





Barnmore have considerable experience in working on live pharmaceutical plants including Bristol Myers Squib, Schering Plough and Leo Pharma to name but a few. Undertaking demolition within live pharmaceutical facilities presents considerable challenges in ensuring that, not only are the structures demolished safely, but that in doing so the smooth running of the facility is not compromised. At BDCE we acknowledge the sensitive and complex nature of Pharmaceutical environments and work closely with our clients to ensure that their particular requirements and protocols are fully understood and adhered to. We have the professional team, experience and specialist plant to undertake the most complex of pharmaceutical projects.



Data Centres

BDCE have been involved in large scale demolition works to former factories and industrial premises many of which were in excess of 45,000 m2 .These typically involve service terminations, asbestos sheet removal, soft strip and the demolition or dismantling of large prefabricated steel sections. A number of such contracts carried out by BDCE were to facilitate the construction of large scale Data Centres in the greater Dublin area. These works were carried out within extremely tight timeframes and with BDCE adhering strictly to Client confidentiality conditions 

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