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Bulk Excavation

Following on from demolition works many projects typically involve the removal of basements and excavation for new basement construction. Our engagement in the excavation phase maximises  continuity and simplifies the transition from the demolition phase of a project to the excavation phase. BDCE have successfully carried out numerous complex and large-scale bulk excavations up to 16m deep in constrained city centre locations. All movement of materials is carried out under our multi-regional waste collection permit with full paper trail for all movements.

Barnmore' excavation efforts are seen throughout all of Ireland and our specialisations include:

  • Removal and disposal of contaminated soils including loading for export and trans frontier shipping applications

  • Installation of sheet piling

  • Basement de-watering

  • Archaeological attendance (including works to sensitive national heritage sites)

  • Earthwork supports (Groundforce hydraulic bracing / raking shores)

  • Basement wall removal

  • Installation of utilities

  • Concrete blinding

  • Attendance to piling contractors

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